LEAD has been designed as a suite of learning resources to support leadership development, particularly for those involved in evangelism and mission who want to equip others to grow in their leadership.

Whilst they have been written to follow a logical progression, the beauty of LEAD is its flexibility. It’s possible to do the modules and sessions in any order; you can choose to do specific sessions from each of the modules, whatever order you like.

LEAD has been designed to appeal to different learning styles so don’t feel you have to study all the learning content just pick a section that interests you and maybe challenge yourself to try a different section each time.

To get the full benefit of the LEAD resources we recommend joining an action learning group, to explore and reflect on what you are learning with others. Perhaps you already know people who might be interested in joining with you to learn together. Why not suggest they register their interest to get access and join you?

Alternatively, if you’d like to find out how you join one of Church Army’s LEAD action learning groups and haven’t already let us know get in touch here.

LEAD Testimonial

From a participant on the Authentic leadership pilot moduleMy action learning group seemed to have an instant rapport with one another. We had good banter (!) but the highlight of it for me was the way we were able to ask each other difficult questions and be open with one another about the issues we were facing. This openness and vulnerability meant that we really got to the heart of each other’s problems, and by the end it felt like we had each made great progress; not only with our learning goals but actually understanding our own roles in the problems we were facing. I left LEAD with an increased awareness of my own skills, ability and calling and that has enabled me to be more assertive even in the last month since LEAD finished

LEAD blends bite size learning materials that can be worked through at your own pace, and tailored to your learning preferences, with the best of action learning process. Piloted and developed with Pioneers and Evangelists in mind this leadership development resource helps participants address the realities of ministry whatever your context.

Tim – resourcing your team

How it Works

LEAD resources are like Lego – you can pick what you learn and how you learn to fit your own unique context.

LEAD offers you a choice of 5 core modules. Each module gives you 4 weeks of content based on one of our leadership dimensions. You can explore each of the modules from the menu to find out more about the module content, aims and learning goals.

There’s the opportunity to meet up each week online, with other leaders to explore your learning using action learning.

Whilst we’d prefer you to engage with action learning to experience the full benefit of LEAD, its flexible modular content means it is possible to access individual modules to complete on your own.

There’s the option to evidence your learning through follow up learning activities. 

Getting Started

  1. Decide which of the modules you want to begin with
  2. Read the Pre- Module Introduction and watch the short video introduction to the module
  3. Select the 1st session in the module – or the one that you are interested in
  4. Then watch the short video for the session and decide which area of the learning you want to explore.

Need Help?


Example: TEam Leadership Session 2 – Building Teams

Example: Authentic Leadership Session 2 – My core Values &Motivations

LEAD currently offers 5 modules.

What’s Involved?

LEAD currently offers 5 modules.

Each module is made up of 4 weekly E-briefings & action learning groups with a week either side to prepare and complete your learning plan and follow up activity to evidence your learning.

During the weeks that a LEAD module is running you will need to commit 30 minutes to read and reflect on some aspect of the weekly content, at your own convenience and 90 minutes for the action learning group meet up which will be scheduled in advance.

You will need to have access to the internet and be comfortable with engaging online. We currently use Zoom for meet ups.

PDF (360 Feedback)

If you want to make the most of LEAD resources you can opt to join the full programme which runs over 18 months, complete learning activities. In return we’ll support you to identify your learning goals through a 360’ feedback review and follow up coaching appointments. Find out more about 360’ feedback  

Register Your Interest

Register your interest in either individual Modules or the whole LEAD programme.

Register Your Interest

Dates for the 2022- 2024 programme


Dates for the 2022- 2024 programme

360’ feedback and session with a leadership coach from Summer 2022 (arranged separately)

LEAD Induction – Week commencing Mon 26th September 2022


Action learning tasters



Week 1 w/c 26th September – – LEAD programme induction and 1st E-briefing
Week 2 w/c 3rd Oct – Preparation for action learning groups
Week 3 w/c 10th Oct – Action learning group 1
Week 4 – w/c 17th Oct – Action learning group 2
w/c 24th Oct – HALF TERM – no action learning groups
Week 5 – w/c 31st Oct – Action learning group 3
Week 6 – w/c 7th Nov – Action learning group 4
Complete module evaluation
Optional – complete learning summary


LEAD action learning tasters
w/c 17th April, w/c 26th June, w/c 25th Sept 


Week 1 w/c 16th Jan – 1st E-briefing
Week 2 w/c 23rd Jan – Preparation for action learning groups
Week 3 w/c 30th Jan – Action learning group 1
Week 4 w/c 6th Feb – Action learning group 2
W/c 13th Feb – HALF TERM – no action learning groups
Week 5 w/c 20th Feb – Action learning group 3
Week 6 w/c 27th Feb – Action learning group 4
Complete module evaluation
Optional – complete learning summary


(W/C 1ST MAY- W/C 12TH JUNE 2023)

LEAD action learning taster –
Week 1 w/c 1st May – 1st E-briefing
Week 2 w/c 8th May – Preparation for action learning groups
Week 3 w/c 15th May – Action learning group 1
Week 4 w/c 22nd May – Action learning group 2
W/c 29th May – HALF TERM – no action learning groups
Week 5 w/c 5th June – Action learning group 3
Week 6 w/c 12th June – Action learning group 4
Complete module evaluation
Optional – complete learning summary



What if I can’t commit to the full programme, can I do one module?

Yes, register you interest in a module and when we’ve got a few people who want to do the module we’ll contact you and send you an invite.

Register you interest here

How much does it cost?

Church Army has covered the cost of the producing LEAD and cost will be based on whether you are wanting to register for the whole LEAD programme with action learning, 360’ feedback and submit learning activities. We aim to keep cost to a minimum. To find out more about cost contact us.

Is it accredited?

No. Whilst there are activities to help you demonstrate and record your learning if you wish, we want to ensure that LEAD can be accessed by as wide a range of leaders and that these activities are creative, fun and useful to you in your role.

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