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The Marylebone Project is the largest women’s-only hostel in London and probably the UK, providing a life-changing service for homeless woman, many of whom have reached a crisis point in their life due to experiencing domestic abuse; mental health issues and/or substance abuse.

Above all else, it offers hope. It provides a safe environment – a place where women can rebuild trust, learn to re-engage with society and, through empowerment, start to re-build their lives.

The Marylebone Project not only offers 112 long and short-term beds, a Drop-In Day Centre for female rough sleepers and a wide range of educational training and social/well-being activities.

40k bed nights are offered each year, with the Drop-In Day Centre currently receiving 7k visits per year.

Opening in 2021, the newly refurbished Drop-In Centre (supported by the Evening Standard’s London Homelessness Campaign) will operate 24/7 providing a crucial round-the-clock lifeline to vulnerable homeless women in London.

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